• Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm: Advocates for Child Safety

    • Longtime advocates and decades of experience in child injury law.
    • An AV-rated law firm respected nationwide for its skilled attorneys who know how to use the legal system to their clients’ best advantage.
    • Personalized representation and client service.

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  • Child Injuries – Protection, Prevention and Justice

    • Childhood injuries can result from negligence, reckless conduct, dangerous or defective products and other avoidable causes.
    • Permanent, painful, disfiguring injuries, brain injuries or death can result.
    • Other dangers include negligent supervision, sports injuries and products, amusement park accidents, swimming pool accidents, bullying & more.
    • The legal system provides for remedies.

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  • Child Injury Litigation: A Complex Landscape

    • Legal matters involving children wrongly injured are among the most demanding a legal team or parent can face.
    • These matters require law teams with experience & the ability to aggressively fight for the rights of children & parents.
    • If your child has been seriously injured, it is important to work with a trusted attorney who can provide the counsel that is required.

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Please visit our child injury resources guide for comprehensive information on child safety and injury prevention issues. We have cited many different private and governmental organizations that may assist you in keeping your children safe or taking lead action against those that may have caused your family harm.

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