Bicycle and Skateboard Injuries

Bicycle crashes follow only to riding animals as the leading cause of serious injury in United States in children due to sports and recreational activities, according to SAFE KIDS USA.

Every day, approximately 630 children are injured in the United States due to bicycle-related crashes, according to recent statistics from the organization. Every year, approximately 99 children are killed and 254,000 children are injured as bicyclists. Despite this, only 50 percent of U.S. children between ages five and 14 own a helmet, and only 25 percent report always wearing it while bicycling.

Skateboard accidents are common as well: In 2009, according to SAFE KIDS, 3,054 children were seriously injured in skateboard accidents and 24, 691 in roller skating accidents. There were an estimated 74,841 injuries to children involving skateboards. An estimated 65,494 skateboarding children were treated and released or examined and released without treatment.

Many times, these incidents can be avoided by reminding children to follow safety instructions and wear helmets. However, too often, the accidents are not within their control and negligence is responsible — either from reckless drivers or product manufacturers.