Miami Child Injury Law Firm: Reasons for Consultation

Miami Child Injury Law Firm: Reasons for Consultation

An impaired driver, a defective toy, negligent medical professionals, unsafe playground equipment, the list of potentially heartbreaking incidents seems endless. While no amount of compensation will ever give a family what they really want, their healthy child restored to them, a legal resolution may set a precedent so that other families do not suffer the same agony.

Miami Child Injury Law Firm: Cases

Here are examples of cases where a family who was represented by a Miami child injury law firm was compensated:

  • · $350,000 Settlement – in a bullying case, for a boy with Asperger’s syndrome who was voted out of his kindergarten classroom for being disruptive
  • $1,250,000 Settlement – for a newborn who suffered brain injury due to health care negligence during delivery
  • 4,100,000 Settlement – in a wrongful death suit, for a child who was fatally electrocuted due to faulty wiring

Since every case is different, each must be examined individually by a qualified Miami child injury law firm, and because of this each result and settlement amount varies.

Miami Child Injury Law Firm: Product and Legislation Improvement

Product manufacturers are being held to higher safety standards than ever before, many due to successful resolutions by child injury law firms.  Some examples:

  • School Bus Seatbelts – Federal law now requires them to be installed in buses weighing 10,000 pounds or less, which are used mainly to transport special needs children.  Six states have now passed laws requiring all buses transporting children to have seatbelts for all passengers, and they include Florida, California, Louisiana, Texas, New Jersey and New York.
  • Baby Cribs – Beginning in June 2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission implemented a new safety standard for baby cribs.  CPSC’s new standards address many factors related to past crib injuries, including prohibiting drop-sided cribs, and improved crib hardware, slats and mattress support durability.  Manufacturers must now prove compliance of their products by using a more rigorous testing procedure.

If your family has experienced the loss of or an injury to a child and you think a third party may be responsible, contact Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm at 954.523-9922 or 407.841.9866 for a confidential consultation.  Their firm understands the anguish that a family experiences when an injury to a child occurs, and uses their skills and experience to help provide a resolution in a timely and compassionate manner.