El Sentinel: Warn of the Danger of Swimming in Summer (5-21-11)

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Teach him to swim can save your child’s life

Child deaths due to drowning is a major concern that both the authorities and parents have when summer approaches.

“Drowning is a situation that can be prevented in many ways,” said Jerry L. Demings, Orange County sheriff, who said that during the past year 12 children were drowned in this county.

Demings participated in the launching of the Month National Drowning Prevention held in the Children’s Safety Village of Central Florida, where health authorities in Orange County and the non-profit The Gift of Swimming urged the community to prevent smaller drown.

According to Kevin M. Sherin, director of the Health Department of Orange County, in this county of 2.350 inspecting public pools, checking drains, the height of fences, water treatment and safety codes.

“Children can easily drown not only in a pool or a lake, it can occur at home in a tub or bucket, so the first and most important recommendation is that they are always supervised,” said Sherin.

Among some councils are the protective fences, installing alarms and learn how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

According to Kathy Baldwin, director of Gift of Swimming, about 2,500 children have received free swimming lessons thanks to funds raised for this organization to which poor families can attend.

“This is a program in which the young must qualify to receive it,” said Baldwin.

To apply for scholarships visit http://www.giftofswimming.org or call 407-905-2815