Orlando Child Injury Attorney

Toxic products, defective toys, poorly supervised outings, cyber bullying, abuses, assaults, accidents, and injuries are the hazards facing children today are increasing in numbers and in severity.  By taking action and getting the advice of an Orlando child injury attorney quickly when these events take place, the child involved is more likely to get the help and financial assistance they need to recover from the trauma.

Statistics show that in 2007 (the year of the most recent completed research), Florida had the highest number of unintentional childhood injury reports compared with other states of a similar population.  These injuries resulted from accidents including vehicle, swimming pool or other bodies of water, and poisons.  Though unintentional, many of these injuries could have been avoided with simple, required supervision.

Since most parent’s number one priority is making sure that their children are safe, happy, and healthy, they would never imagine that one day they might have the need for a child injury attorney.  However, since parents have to depend on outside resources like schools and daycare centers to make life happen, and children are sometimes unpredictable, having a trusted firm to available to make the burden lighter if something does happen will provide peace of mind.

Orlando Child Injury Attorney Overview

In cases involving public officials, facilities, or departments, it is important to make quick, informed decisions because of legal time limitations.  With millions of child injuries every year across the US, it is necessary to make sure that every guaranteed right is protected.  Negotiating the legal process effectively requires experienced council and sound legal advice.

Orlando Child Injury Attorney Services

  • Wrongful death
  • Brain injuries
  • Day care injuries
  • Public and private swimming pool accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Playground and defective product injuries
  • Any other injuries attributed to adult negligence or lack of proper required supervision

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