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Children are entitled to safety and happiness. Unfortunately, in today’s world, this is often not the case and incidences of child injuries, accidents, and abuses are on the rise. Millions of children are injured every year by incidents that could easily have been avoided or prevented. Children cannot always protect themselves, so as parents, guardian, caretakers, and even regular people, it is our responsibility to make sure they are taken care of and to take action when their rights are violated.

In the not so distant past, parents’ biggest worries were limited to the situations they could not control like daycare accidents caused by poor supervision; sports injuries that would have been preventable if the proper equipment had been provided; dangerous and defective toys and products. As well, the need for an Orlando child injury law firm might have been limited to problems during child birth or neglect by medical officials. In today’s innovative, interactive era, the worries take on an electronic world that is sometimes impossible for parents’ to know, much less control.

Orlando Child Injury Law Firm Overview

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds every day, making sure children are safe becomes an even more difficult task. In a world of social media, webcams, chat rooms, and uploads, parents can never be perfectly confident that their children are protected from predators and bullies. Though it is normal to believe that their own children are more aware of the dangers and would not give out information that would be detrimental, parents would be surprised to learn that the smallest, most innocent tidbit of information could be just the weapon a child predator would need to harm a child.

Unfortunately, another harmful situation for children now is cyberbullying. By threatening, gossiping, and lying about a targeted child, these cyberbullies are peers, acquaintances, and even former friends. This kind of abuse has sent teen suicide rates rising and emotional problems like depression and anxiety disorders skyrocketing.

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